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MetaZine is the first, the only, the official and the best ezine for Metasquares & Metasquarer

MetaZine is delivered every week to your email.  It is packed with useful info about Metasquares and Metasquarer.   It is also totally clean.  You will never see an offensive word/link in the entire site/issue of MetaZine.

Some standard features with each issue include:

  • Words from the editors!

  • Atleast 2 articles per issue!

  • Poll Results from the last poll!

  • A quote from Metasquares.com Archive!

  • A featured website that the editors suggest that you see!

  • And to top it all of, there is a maximum of three very short ads in the ezine so that you can actually read the articles and not get bombarded by ads!

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