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We have placed very little banners on this site because we believe that our users will be loyal and help us out by clicking on them.

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Advertisers [Rates]

Rates vary by issue. Advertisers may also offer "special issues" (Read below). Email editors@metasquares.com for rates and information.


  • Rules are subject to change at any time, with or without notice to the advertiser.

  • An ad in a specific issue cannot be guaranteed unless advanced notice is given.

  • No Pornographic, Warez, Hacking, Illegal, Virus Distributing, Hatred, links to sites or sites containing links to any or all of these types of sites will be accepted. (If your ad is bought and we find out that it contains illegal or hateful material, your ad will NOT be published and you will NOT recieve a refund! This is done only through the discretion of a lawyer.)

  • Ads and sites are subject to approval. We may choose to not accept your site for any or no reason. If your ad does not have any of the above, you will get a refund.

  • An ad is 3 lines and a title. maximum of 40 character per line. There are no text formats that we will use. Your ad is placed on a first come, first server basis. The first person will get the top ad, the second will get the middle, and so on. There is a maximum of 3 ads per issue.

  • SPECIAL ISSUES: You get the whole ezine to write whatever information that you choose. You get a maximum of 200 lines. 60 characters per line. No text formats. It is sent at whatever date and time that you choose. Special Issues will only be allowed by approval of content. Your content must match to our users demographics.

To recieve our ratecard, mail editors@metasquares.com with the following info:

Subject: Advertising For MetaZine


Company name (if applicable)
Address, City, State, country
Phone Number

Email Address
URL of Subject Site
Copy of proposed ad

We will then review your information and email you on how to buy an ad

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