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About us

MetaZine was started when the editor, Joshua Dickerson, saw that Metasquares.com was a great game and needed help. I (Joshua) looked at the site, the game, and all other aspects of Metasquares. I noticed many flaws like how it had no real good way of keeping in touch with the users of MetaZine. I saw the "Mailing List" and wanted to abbolish it completely. I spoke to Mike about it and he said that he would not get rid of the mailing list but he would give it a chance. Since I had nothing to do with Metasquares, I decided that he could say what he wants and it is his site so I had to listen to what he said.

So I started to plan it out. I came up with a name, MetaZine. The name comes from Meta in Metasquares and Zine from eZine. I looked around at the free sites like Listbot and Topica. They were too commercialized and gave me no control. I decided to use my new found knowledge of CGI and went to Cgi-Resources.com. There were many to choose from. I chose the one that looked best and that had personalization features. Umail is the name of the script. Then I came up with several drafts. I had to get the layout (e-zinez.com); a feature article which came from the release of Build 56; some advertisers (I didn't get any); and a site. Mike agreed to give me the address of Metasquares.com/metazine.

So I released my first issue on Monday, August 7, 2000 (go to the archive to view the first issue). At that time I had 42 subscribers. I had no advertisers. The best thing that I had was an excellent start. Subscribers gave the ezine lots of praise and more people started to subscribe. I figured this to be a hit!

.... The rest is as they say "history" ....

Yes, and now this is Mike speaking. Josh has grown a bit lazy over time (*wink), so I'm editing the zine most of the time, and I've set up the site on metasquares.com and given Josh an account to mess with. The e-zine is now official, since Josh has proven it to be at least semi-interesting. Now if only he would upkeep it like he said...

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