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1.) LetsReason

2.) madmikey

3.) tuffkooki

4.) Ancient1

5.) PapaRazzi


7.) Bulldog

8.) MaddDoc

9.) sugardady

10.) Squoidley

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Here you can find raves submitted by various Metasquares users. All raves are kept anonymous.

"I looked up the game on a whim tonight and found you... this is so great! Only one person on line, but it was my first game since August 97."

"After years of looking off and on again for MetaCreations to resurrect the game, it has been reborn. I have not yet played Metasquarer, but I am eager to start. I did not get to play the original on AoL for long before it got shutdown and I was diappointed. I will be well on my to telling everyone that I knew who played the game before about this. Great Job!"

"Thank you SO much! This game used to rock when it was on AOL!"

"I love this game! I played it when AOL was almost worth paying for and I'm ecstatic that someone has re-done it. Keep doing what you're doing. If you need any help with later versions, I'd be happy to even beta test for you and throw you my feedback. But I've also done a fair share of projects in vb, If you need any help."

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