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1.) LetsReason

2.) madmikey

3.) tuffkooki

4.) Ancient1

5.) PapaRazzi


7.) Bulldog

8.) MaddDoc

9.) sugardady

10.) Squoidley

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This is the Metasquarer Frequently Asked Questions (AKA FAQs) section. Please look for your question here before contacting us about a problem.

What is Metasquarer?

Please refer to the What is it? section of the site.

I don't see anyone else in the lobby.

There's nobody else in the lobby. There is nothing wrong with the program; remember Occam's Razor.

The pieces don't seem to line up with the board.

You're using 128dpi fonts, a windows display setting, and using Build 59 or lower. I recommend you upgrade to build 60, but you may also solve this problem by setting your display fonts to the more common size, 96 dpi. You may do this in the settings tab of the display control panel. This will alter the appearance of your desktop.

All the pieces but the last one placed appear.

Download built 70 and select "use internal piece images" in the options screen. This will fix your problem.

It says "Non-connecting version" when I try to start Metasquares

You're starting Metasquares, not Metasquarer.

How do I play?

In the chat window of Metasquarer, select a user's name, click "start game", and a challenge window will appear. Set the game options, then click "send challenge" to send a challenge to your opponent. If he agrees, the game will begin. If he declines, you will be notified why. If he changes the conditions, you will receive the challenge back - now you must accept the new conditions before the game can begin.

How do I update Metasquarer?

The preferred method of updating is downloading a new install file. Metasquarer did ship with an updater, but it is buggy.

It says error 429 - ActiveX control could not create object, or a similar message

The most common cause of this message is installing Metasquarer build 60 to 67 without rebooting. If this message persists after a reboot, you must upgrade to build 68 or newer.

It won't work! What should I do?

First of all, please be more specific. I cannot magically deduce the nature of your problem from a request such as “Wow the game is back but it doesn't work what do I do thx”. Though the forum is preferred for bug reports, you can contact us directly using the contact page.

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