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This changelog enumerates the new features in each build of Metasquarer from 50 onward.

  • Build 73
    • April 21, 2007
    • Fixed a cosmetic bug when the game screen first appears.
    • Revamped the plugin system.
    • Added plugins "board_nomiddle", "board_nocorners", and "board_norandom" for making parts of the board unavailable.
    • Slight AI improvements. Still looking for testers for a new and very powerful AI.
  • Build 72
    • July 24, 2006
    • Changed the default authentication server to, since is moving.
    • Updated all links to the domain.
    • Replaced the old operator icon with something less... suggestive (it was meant to be a gavel!)
    • Minor aesthetic changes and grammatical cleanup.
    • Slight improvement to the AI.
    • Fixed the “multiple pieces in the same spot” bug in solo mode.
    • The AI window should no longer randomly pop up when the lobby loads under Windows XP.
  • Build 71
    • March 6, 2003
    • Added user feedback ratings.
    • Optimized the code that connects to
    • Added in the option to avoid displaying your email to other users.
    • Added an “ignore users” list and an “obscene words” list.
  • Build 70
    • January 11, 2003
    • Fixed the “last move does not show up on some computers” bug by giving users the option of using internal images instead of files.
    • Metasquarer now uses Internet Explorer's proxy settings, and works with an HTTP proxy. SOCKS proxy support is in the works for the next release.
  • Build 69
    • September 25, 2002
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in inaccuracy while playing back saved games.
    • Peek works. However, both clients must be using Build 69 or later, otherwise peek will not work at all.
    • Fixed a bug where you lose rating points if you peek and have win sounds off.
  • Build 68
    • August 19, 2002
    • Version 7.0 of Metasquarer. I will eventually stop using version numbers, maybe around 8 or 9.
    • Using a JPG rather than a bitmap for the board images. This reduces the overall size of the download.
    • Added a label that says “chat” next to the chat textbox. Some people complained that it was unclear earlier.
    • Opponents will now receive the last move instantly. Made the program send the move before checking if it was a square or not.
    • Updated the chat system. Metasquarer now supports bold, italic, underlined, superscripted, subscripted, and colored text. Use F3, F4, F5, and F6 to make selected text bold, italic, underlined, or colored respectively.
    • Colorized IRC messages. Check it out!
    • Made the AI slightly faster and more accurate.
    • Added a “chooser” window to select text styles.
    • Got rid of the updater. It will be replaced in the future by a better system.
    • If there is an error connecting, Metasquarer will no longer wait for a timeout to occur.
    • Made a few minor cosmetic changes to the program.
    • The textbox now accepts boldface, italic, and underlined messages, as well as links.
    • When the challenge screen pops up, pressing space will no longer target accept challenge. This is to prevent accidental acceptance of challenges due to typing.
    • Announcements are made whenever someone enters or leaves the room.
    • In Windows 2000 or XP, you may now choose to make any Window in the Metasquarer AI translucent. This will enable you to do things like watch the chat as you are playing a game. The transparency option can be set by pressing F2 while the desired window is on top.
  • Build 67
    • July 31, 2002
    • Made some major changes to the computer opponent. The AI can now look ahead any number of moves. The AI's a bit slow on higher depths, however.
    • Cleaned up the code a bit.
  • Build 66
    • June 22, 2002
    • Apologies for the lack of updates; this was a rough year.
    • The 429 “ActiveX can't create object” bug has finally been FIXED!
    • Corrected some minor bugs and misspellings.
    • Reviewing previously saved games works a bit better now.
  • Build 65
    • September 22, 2001
    • First release of Metasquarer v6.5.
    • You can save login information when you authenticate with
    • You can use some plugins against the CPU now. There are still some that don't work.
    • Eliminated a default button in a challenge. People were accidentally accepting challenges when they hit enter or space, because accept was default.
    • You can choose which server to authenticate with, in case of downtime on Soon there will be a server-side setup kit for people who want to run their own authentication servers.
    • Game playback can be done in “steps” now. Use the redo arrow to step through the game.
    • Icons can be downloaded on demand from Not working yet.
    • People can submit icons to and use them. They will automatically be downloaded. This is ready, but won't be available until the icon download feature works.
  • Build 64
    • July 16, 2001
    • You can play back finished games now. They use the .ssv format.
    • Created an “option repair” for when your options get destroyed from an upgrade/corruption/etc.
    • There was a problem with names over 9 characters. This is now fixed.
    • Released early because of the above reason.
  • Build 63
    • July 2, 2001
    • Improved the names list handling code. Icons should all show now.
    • Also as a result of this code, names won't “bounce” around the listbox.
    • Now 100% compatible with Squaroid... if only we used the same server now :)
    • Timed games now work correctly, and are in Hour:Minute:Second format for easy reading.
    • Better AI... still not even close to perfect.
    • Option to show dotted lines during a game against the computer for potential squares.
    • Metasquarer says “x squares for x amount of points” instead of displaying each square individually, if you have more than one.
    • Icon number as well as icon itself is shown when you right click someone's name.
    • You have the option of submitting a complaint when someone leaves a game.
    • The colors of the squares more accurately represent the original game's color scheme.
    • When you quit a computer or solo game, it should “reset” properly. That is, the computer won't play for you in the next game, and it will rate normally.
    • Metasquarer detects MetaGenius and waits for you to close it before it proceeds into a game.
    • Fixed a private message bug I was just made aware of where every message with your name in it is considered private.
    • Supports names up to the server's maximum (Currently set to 14 characters). Earlier builds won't see you if you have more than 9, so only use it if you really want to have a long name. The length can change without having to upgrade now.
  • Build 62
    • May 31, 2001
    • Protocol changed; AOL's port block doesn't affect us anymore!
    • This means AOL users should be able to get on just fine now.
    • Connect code improved for everyone as a result of protocol change.
    • Every move you sent in a game is sent to the server when you win or lose.
    • We will soon have a flash movie on the website that will play back your game using this data.
    • Added proxy support... this is still a bit shaky; there's no guarantee that it works right yet.
    • Ratings show to a variable amount of decimal points (Only if the other user is using build 62 as well). Default is 2, but this can be changed from 0 to 5.
  • Build 61
    • May 13, 2001
    • The “challenge denied” window now plays the “challenge denied” sound.
    • Added lobby skinning.
    • Added option menu skinning.
    • Added “challenge denied” skinning (It matches the shape of your image exactly. See the skin page for details on how to use skinning with this form)
    • Added “Non-blocking socket” option for people having problems connecting. Don't enable this unless you can't connect at all, and make sure the server's up when you're connecting.
    • Added “award” support to the web-interface.
    • Right clicking a name now shows who that person is playing in addition to the other options.
    • You now hear the end of game sound and see the displays when someone wins and you're peeking.
    • Made the square lines thinner... they look more like the original square lines now.
    • In summary, there have been major UI improvements in this build.
  • Build 60
    • January 1, 2001
    • Enabled skins again. Should work fine now.
    • Made irccontrol2.ocx into a class module. It's part of the main Metasquarer executable now, so there should be no problems whatsoever linking to it anymore.
    • Added “search for skin” and “add skin manually” menus.
    • Put icons next to users' names. Icons can be customized on the webpage.
    • Added a login system. Nicknames are now password protected.
    • Since logins work on the server, you may access your rating, etc, from any computer.
    • There's a LOT of info about your name on the web now... you can also change things.
    • You may now view every game ever played in version 6.0 on the web... this may have filled my old 50 MB quota, but not the new 2 GB quota.
    • Fixed a text parsing bug. Smilies should show up fine now :).
    • Added the option for applying skins on startup (Default off), in case people have problems with skins.
    • Operators are shown in Bold text now.
    • Changed autoconfig file location to main server due to problems on the alternate. Also made it a perl script instead of text.
    • Try right clicking someone's name! It brings a menu up with rating, email, and the works!
    • Top 10 displays MUCH quicker now, due to a better parsing algorithm.
    • Fixed some bugs in peeking.
    • Fixed many minor bugs.
    • Added large font support.
    • Added room rules. This allows for tournaments to be set up with strictly defined rules, and prohibits people from playing in #chat. Nifty.
    • Found and fixed a bug where the last person to enter a chat would not be shown in the name list.
    • Re-made the piece images. Hopefully this will correct the “not seeing my first move” problem a few people had.
    • Build 60 users may logon to the website to check their stats and change info such as username or password.
  • Build 59
    • September 23, 2000
    • Added peeking! You may now see other people's games! (This is still a bit buggy)
    • Added support for various messages such as the message of the day.
    • Re-organized the unloading of the form, so it will unload quicker and more “cleanly” now.
    • Fixed the bug where the CPU goes for you after you play it once.
    • Added “private” (Non peekable) games. Both you and the opponent must uncheck the box to make the game private
  • Build 58
    • August 6, 2000
    • Added an AI opponent! It still needs some work.
    • Added solo mode!
    • Because hostmasks were only 9 digits long, and Metasquarer has been growing tremendously, hostmasks are now 100 digits long.
    • Added hostmask check before registering hostmask.
    • Increased archiving to the last TWO beta builds, and the last ONE stable build. We'll be switching servers soon, due to issues with our web host.
  • Build 56/57
    • August 2, 2000
    • Fixed the irccontrol2.ocx bug!
    • The updater now works again!
    • Your score is now registered on the top 10.
    • Added a tolerance for the rating system... now it'll stop resetting.
    • Made a new look for the main screen.
    • Main screen skin support temporarily disabled while a few bugs are worked out.
    • Help now launches your default .chm file viewer, regardless of location.
    • Reduced archiving to the last TWO builds, due to quota problems.
    • Added 300wins plugin, after noticing 500wins wasn't possible in many games.
    • Both website and updater versions of Metasquarer will be kept current. Use the website if the updater dosen't work for you.
    • Fixed a very strange bug that could occur if someone's rating is exactly the same as yours.
  • Build 55
    • July 18, 2000
    • Enter a new room now shows channels.
    • Decreased the frequency of commands... this will prevent excess flood kicks.
    • Created a unique hostmask for every computer.
    • Changed the rating system algorithm... everyone's rating will return to 100, to right any injustices caused by the change.
    • Rating system is finally fully functional.
  • Build 54
    • July 13, 2000
    • Added plugin support.
    • Fixed the colors of the square lines.
    • Added a background search for skins.
    • Added a feature to play background music.
    • Yet more fixes to rating system.
  • Build 53
    • May 15, 2000
    • First release of 5.5!
    • Added skin support.
    • Released Frostbite skin.
    • First step to adding “peeking”.
    • Added saving and continuing games.
    • More fixes to rating system.
  • Build 51
    • April 6, 2000
    • Fixed the bug where you automatically win after playing two games in a row.
    • Fixed the rating system.
  • Build 50
    • April 4, 2000
    • First release of 5.0.
    • Now you can play on one board!
    • A complete rewrite of Metasquarer.
    • Much more stable, faster, more secure, etc.
    • Nicer interface.
    • More - too much to list!
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