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6/10/01 - School is OUT. Summer is here, and I'm ready to do a whole lotta nothin-but-webdevelopment. Well, not really. I have a job (maybe 2 soon) that will be taking alot of my time, but at least there will be no homework. Still waiting on that tutorial from Curt. I'm also thinking about writing one myself.
6/03/01 - Decided to go all out on the design changes. Totally redesigned the layout with graphics and all that. I think it looks pretty good. 100% made-in-linux.
6/03/01 - Made a few design changes to the site. Changed some colors, tidied up a few forms, etc.
6/02/01 - Been away for a while. Seems nobody's making skins, or nobody's submitting skins or anything like that. I've asked Curt to make a skinning tutorial for us, maybe those of you that are interested in making skins will benefit from it. Anyways, it's not that hard, I'm sure Mike wouldn't have any problems with you dropping him a line about skinning. Anyways, in news, Mike made a mainscreen to my "Chrome" skin. Check it out (All Skins)
5/13/01 - I'm proud to announce the release of build 61. This build has a much more advanced skinning engine, and can skin nearly every form now. I've updated all three skins to take advantage of the new skinning capabilities. So be sure to download them again, so you can take advantage of the new capabilities of Build 61. That is all.
4/19/01 - I fully implemented a barebones search method today. It's not exactly, but it'll work for the current database of 3 skins. If you have a skin, then please (PLEASE) do submit it (submit page). You can help Metasquarer become even greater! Anyways, Mike's also giving a makeover, it should clash less with this page's design. I'm also thinking of adding a mainscreen image to the Chrome skin. I already added a mainscreen image to it, eli
4/18/01 - Spring break's over, sadly, I'm back at home, not playing basketball with my cousin or anything non-productive any more. Finally fixed that annoying "PHP Error on line 223" message that kept popping up. Mike says mainscreen skinning is now operational (WOOHOO!). Mike and I are working on an authentication method for the skin ranking system. Meanwhile, the search page lies sort of crippled...
4/11/01 - Added main skin browser section (see "All Skins" section). Getting VERY tired of server's lag. Mike says they're upgrading their connection. Right. We finally managed to get the MySql working on this thing. My skins DB looks kinda lame without any SKINS! All skin submitions are greatly appreciated (see "Submit" section).
4/8/01 - Mike (MetaHoly MetaCreator of everything MetaAble to MetaStick the MetaWord 'Meta' in MetaFront of) had apparently updated the skin engine in 6.0 release, now no support for main-window skinning (great, huh?) (Mike: Stupid me. I told Eli Metasquarer couldn't do this, but in reality, it could. The main screen was loaded from the file mainscreen.jpg on the skin).
4/8/01 - Decided to update page using some CSS. Also, I plan on implementing some PHP/MySQL for the actual content. Too bad I also have to lay a new floor in the kitchen....Some start to spring break, huh?
4/7/01 - Started Skinnery page(!!), decided to go with this layout. Kinda sucks, eh?
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